Buying A Home

Ask yourself why you want to buy

- Are you tired of paying rent? Are you tired of paying a landlord? Are you ready to own where you live? Are you ready to take the biggest financial purchase of your life?

Ask yourself what you will do if you can’t find a home?
- Worst case scenario you want to be prepared! Make sure you know you are safe with your living situations in case it takes a while to move in

Prepare to Buy
- Make sure you have a trusted lender that you want to go to and get a pre-approval so you know your price range
- They will ask you for the following documents:
- Financial statements
- Bank accounts
- Investments
- Credit cards
- Auto loans
- Recent pay stubs
- Tax returns for two years
- Copies of leases for investment properties
- 401K statements, life insurance, stocks, bonds, and mutual account information.

Now is not the time to be changing careers or buying cars. Keep expenses low and income as high as possible!

Choose a Real Esate Agent
An agent is by no means required. However, it is a good idea to use one especially as a buyer in California because most the time the seller pays commissions! A real estate agent will know what to look for. Make sure you are working with a full time agent who has experience. Make sure you are working with an agent who is constantly answering
their phone/emails. The last thing you want is an agent who doesnt answer phone calls.

Pick an agent who understands your vision and helps you make it happen Once you find your agent, tell them what you are looking for in a house and everything you are looking for. They will do their job and if you picked the right agent they willl find you your dream home!


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