About Daniel Naranjo Real Estate


Daniel Naranjo was born and raised in Oceanside, CA. He has family and friends all over San Diego County, Riverside County and Orange County and has learned the markets of each county and individual cities that make them up. Daniel runs an all service real estate business where he represents buyers, sellers and lessees all over Southern California. Representing his clients, is not the extent of what Daniel does as your agent. He knows that in his industry, people are often poorly represented by “professional agents” and that they leave a bad taste in the mouths of everyone they work with. Daniel strives to serve his clients and build a relationship of trust, confidence and loyalty. He is determined to see his clients succeed before even thinking of his own success and that is what sets him apart from the competition.


Daniel comes from an ambitious family and in turn hustles every day to execute goals. Planning your future is a task to be taken with extreme thought and you definitely want the help of someone who has your best interest at heart. If purchasing a certain home is going to put you in jeopardy, you will know long before you even put an offer on a home! Daniel would rather sacrifice his commission than your future!


Daniel joined the real estate industry at the young age of 19 and has been in the real estate business ever since! With years of experience in real estate and growing up in a sales oriented house, Daniel learned at a young age that a single individual sale is not the goal. It is creating lifetime long clients and turning those clients into friends.



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